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Hey everyone,

I'm trying as hard as I can to force myself to become more active again when it comes to my art, both my art AND dA I should say. I'm probably OVER A YEAR behind with some of the people I follow, with checking what they have uploaded, so if you are among those that I follow, expect some retro-active commenting on your art.

I still have many ideas of things that I want to draw, and my mind doesn't stop coming up with new ideas either, so creativity isn't the problem. My life currently is finally really good again too, it can always be better but compared to the end of last year I'm on top of the world. This is greatly thanks to my two new cats!

So yeah, my lack of art is 100% simply because I can get that drive back, to get into actually taking the time to draw, because I just can't get myself to pick up that pen, I just don't 'feel' like it, which is horrible considering everything I still really want to draw.

This journal is just to say that I'm catching up on things, I'm trying to catch up on what everyone has been doing on dA, and I'm trying to force myself to draw again, slowly but surely, things will start up again. If I start small, that flow will surely come back to me.

S6820028 by Retro-Death
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Hey everyone! :#1:

I'm not one for the emo shit 'n sappy journals but I still felt like justifying my massive absence. The past couple of months too much shit went down with health issues and other depressing matters and I just dropped dA and focused on what made me happiest... or just a bit happy... fine anything that would take my mind off shit, which would be gaming and my Youtube channel for the most.

I have so many art ideas, so many projects in my head, so many things I want to create but the simple fact of the matter is that I didn't feel like any of it and it was not hard to just drop it all and disappear from the face of dA. I want to draw, I want to draw so badly but I just can't right now. If I would sit down to draw I couldn't do more than some quick scribbles hoping it would look like I put 2 months worth of effort in it... and that's not how art works.

2016 started out great art wise but past the midway point it went south fast. I am slowly starting to get back into things and trying to catch up on art and comments that literally go back 6 months 'n shit. So if you see comments appear on very old work of yours that you don't even remember doing... well this is why.

I can't promise that I will be uploading a lot of art again fast but I will try and keep up with dA more and when that next art craving hits me I will drain it for all its worth...
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As some of you may have noticed my art output on DeviantArt has slowed down considerably. However I have been far from inactive. I have written down a lot of ideas but for the most part I finally finished working on my 'Legend of Zelda' youtube video where I talk about my experiences with these games growing up and what they meant to me in specific periods of my life for the series' 30th anniversary!

I drew a lot of cue cards if you will, art pieces, quick doodles for a lot of the games and my life during those times, a couple of these doodles will be made into full fledged artworks later down the line, the Majora's Mask piece for example even had this treatment already.

Anyway, if you want to hear my story, listen to my experiences growing up and check out the many doodles I did for this video, you can check it out right here!

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Holy shit I'm dying here!! Some old school pokémon will be getting specific redesigns for the new Alola region and Sandshrew and Sandslash are actually a part of it! One thing I have wanted since Mega evolutions were announced was for Sandslash to get one seeing as he is my favourite pokémon. Sandshrew is just so damn cute as well so to see my favourite evolution line get an official ICE TYPE make over! I just died a little inside!!


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So I missed June's art submission. :icondesperateplz:
Breaks my heart a little, I was very well underway to make this a perfect year with an art submission every month but I failed in the end. I'll continue to work hard on my art of course but I just didn't have the time nor the will these past 2 months. Nothing bad, I just worked a lot of over hours and I had a side project I was setting up that took a lot of time. I did actually designed some stuff for that, logos and such so I might add one of those at the end of the year to the Meme if I decide to do it, I'll see.

I feel at the very least I should share my project here, even if it is just for me to show that I definitely have not been slacking off.
This new Youtube channel of mine is 100% gameplay focused. I call it the 'Achievement Blaster' and for it I create videos where I try to get certain achievements in video games. 1 achievement in 1 video game in 1 video. It's a great little concept for myself where I don't have to worry about any type of content and can just freely upload videos that center completely around gameplay, something I wanted to avoid on my main channel hence the idea of creating a separate channel specifically for it!

Check it out if you like video games and enjoy the quests for achievements as I do, these videos are not guides to complete the games nor are they full Let's Plays, they are just me, having fun, trying to beat specific goals. :dummy:  Episode 1 just went live and Episode 2 is about to follow as well. If anyone is willing to spread the word I would really appreciate it, it's not easy starting up a new channel from scratch these days.

Click here! This is a link to the Achievement Blaster channel!

And below you can check out the first episode that I did!

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The time has come! More people actually already responded than I would have imagined so this is great! I want to get my creative juices flowing so I will give anybody who did not drop me a word yet 2 days to do so, Monday at midnight I will close the gates and I will put this shindig on lock down and I'll start up that imagination machine!

The words given to me so far:

from MsDinoGoat
from ValaSedai
from sbslink
from TheEerieBear
from Louivi
from Paleona
from Viokcha
Wolf from StarsAndOceans
Dildos from temmybanana
(This last one will have to be... vaguely re-interpreted due to dA guidelines... I hate you Temmy)


Yo listen up! Wait... that makes it sound like that one Blue song ... ... ... anyway, I don't have a thousand watchers and only a couple of very very loyal people whom I often interact with and I appreciate each and every single one of you, even the silent ones. But having only such a small audience gives me a great opportunity to do something weird, so this is what's gonna happen;

I want all of you to write a comment on this journal entry and write me down ONE word, an object, a shape, a colour, things like that, NO verbs! Just write me down an item, ANYTHING you want, an animal, or body part or whatever you want and after some time has passed I will use ALL of the words, no matter what they are (remember, 1 per person) and create one art piece out of all of the submitted words together! Most likely something funny. /o/

Feel free to comment whatever you want but just make sure you separate your word entry from the rest of your comment.

:bulletred: You HAVE to be a watcher, other wise your word will not be taken into account! You can always become a watcher of course but I will double check anyone passing through here.
:bulletred: I will not set a due date or anything, it might take 2 weeks it could take 2 months, once there are a couple of words to work with I will start drawing and let my creative juices flow.

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I am working a lot of over hours since the beginning of last month and still this month as well at the very least. This is why I haven't been very active lately, there just isn't much time for all of my hobbies. My youtube channel and playing video games will always come first for me, just relaxing and having fun when I can. I do log in every now and then still here on dA but I have significantly slowed down checking all of the uploads from you guys and the groups I watch. They are on a backlog for now, so in teh future you can expect some comments of mine on yo old crap, I will get to them but slowly. Once this crazy fog has lifted I will be back to my usual old self on dA.

I will still try to do my art piece for this month but it will definitely not be easy, I am working on a couple of things so I am lucky if I would actually still be able to finish one of those pieces. As I said though, with all of these over hours and my 'weekend' actually being split apart and dispersed across the week it is not easy taking time to relax and actually pick up the tablet, in between trying to relax and still having to do the daily chores, it's just too much right now to also worry about dA. I am a metalhead and an artist, but at my core, I will always be a gamer above all else, and I need my regular fix of playing video games, else I can't relax at all.

On a side note, I recently watched 'Inside Out' and it definitely became my favourite Pixar movie to this day. This movie did everything right, it was ridiculously clever and intelligent, it actually had me shed some tears too, it was brilliant and beautiful and just absolute perfection. Many of the ideas treated in this movie were done in the exact same way as I have always seen them myself. It was just so incredibly clever and well thought out!
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Sometimes you have those pieces, and no matter how much you work on them, what you do to them, and how often you keep changing them, even after uploading, you just are not that happy with them. Some might be acceptable to you but most of the time, these pieces leave you a kind of bitter sweet after taste and uploading them feels more like a relief, more like a way to finally get rid of them than anything else.

But rarely, you get this feeling how even the very first line you draw, the quick sketch or random idea doodle becomes so good, you love it so much that you already feel so attached to the piece and you just know that everything that will follow will be a pure pleasure to do and that this piece will keep you happy until the very end and uploading it becomes more a matter of pride, pride in your work and sharing it actually makes you happy.

I'm currently working on a piece like that. For my next work I started a super fast doodle, an approximation of how I wanted the final result to look like, a composition sketch if you will. After just one simple quick doodle session I am already in love with this piece and I know that it can ONLY get better and better! In light of this recent blast of artistic inspiration I felt like sharing a couple of my own pieces that did this exact same thing already once before (and there aren't many). Art that from the second that pen dropped, I loved it already and working on them was a joy from the very first second, right down to the very last.

Show me a piece from YOU that gave you this exact same feeling! I'm really curious to see some of the works you did that you loved working on from beginning to end and that you are STILL proud of!

Dawn of the first day - 72 hours remain - by Retro-Death
What started as a quick doodle quickly became a MUST finish piece because it looked way to good to stay a simple doodle.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call by Retro-Death
An idea I thought was too good not to draw turned out EXACTLY how I saw it in my head, and we all know that barely ever happens.

(Collab) Splatoon: Invasive Procedure! by Retro-Death
A dream collaboration with Louivi turned out even better than I had hoped, once I did that outline I was so proud already, then, when she added the colours, that was it, I died a little of happiness.

Whale Chart of Video Games! by Retro-Death
My love for whales, video games and funny crap prompted me into doing this, I tried finding as many whales as I could from all kinds of video games, asked around, did some research, and apart from having to leave out a couple due to lack of space, this work is still my favourite out of everything I have ever done, this piece is 100% me and every single whale was a bliss to work on and this piece still makes me smile to this day.

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So apparently this Brittish chap decided that he created a black blacker than black, the blackest black on earth... and then someone else kinda copyrighted that shit. Artists beware, you can no longer use black in your work!

Maybe I should also revisit my wardrobe, just in case...
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  • Reading: Wheel of Time 5 - The Fires of Heaven
  • Watching: M*A*S*H / Angel
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- Post these rules.
- Post 8 facts about your characters.
- Tag 8 other characters.
- Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

So the wonderful ValaSedai tagged me in this OC thing where I have to post 8 facts about the OC she tagged me with. But this is a cool excuse to talk about some of my OCs in general because lately I've been focusing more on creating new OCs and developing them a bit more so instead of 8 facts for 1 character I'll divide the 8 facts between 4 of my dudes... dudes... I need a female OC. OTL

Skyrim Lore - Day 1 - Best. Guild. Ever! by Retro-Death

Falris Gimothran:
Fact 1 - Falris is my Elder Scrolls Dunmer OC. Even though he is my Skyrim character, his history dates back to Morrowind. I actually wanted to bind him to Vvardenfell and so you can find an Ancestral tomb in the actual game of Morrowind of the Gimothran line. This tomb is guarded by an Orc carrying a staff that explains to a certain degree why Falris is so good with Conjuration.
Fact 2 - Falris is a thief and in any new region makes it his mission to take over the Thieves Guild, power means status to Falris. But as he always says, you cannot separate power, wealth and comradery, all 3 are vital to each other and if you lack even one, you are doomed to fail. Anyway, even back in his Morrowind days Falris was part of a band of thieves (who all got murdered by his own son after Sheogorath drove him mad (a taint that actually affects Falris' sanity to this day), among that group was a Khajit by the name of Rromez. Rromez was Falris' best friend from very young on already. The fact that Falris is a thief and had a Khajit as a best friend makes it very easy for him to befriend Khajit and actually makes Falris prone to seek out their company. Wow, that was a lot of text just to see he likes kitties... OTL

Bob Buttons - Character Card by Retro-Death
Bob Buttons: 
Fact 3 - Bob Buttons is a 9cm short plush fighting a war over a human girl that suddenly disappeared. He comes from a specific line of Plush that all look the exact same with only 1 minor difference that sets them apart, for Bob that was his green mohawk. Everything you see on Bob is simple battle wear and gear he gathered along the way. These plush were intended for their owners to store little items in that were precious to them. Bob Buttons is unaware that the girl who owned him actually stored a pure silver brooch equipped with a ruby stone inside of him.
Fact 4 - Some people are aware that Bob Buttons lost his leg in the war, he amputated the leg from his dying friend and sewed it onto himself, as a medic this was child's play. What some people do not know is that the eye that he used to replace the one he also lost during that war came from one of his enemies... someone that also survived the war.

Turmoil and Absinthe by Retro-Death
Turmoil and Absinthe:
Fact 5 - Turmoil is a satyr slash faun slash that thing from Percy Jackson type demon, he does not live in hell, he actually created his own dimension where he tortures lost souls that he fishes out of Limbo. Turmoil does not distinguish between good and evil and often relies on Absinthe to separate the good souls from the bad. His dimension is not very big but it has a huge secret, it actually lies parallel to our own world. Absinthe can make it grow by stealing chunks of our own reality, by doing so our reality actually becomes a little bit smaller every time Absinthe takes a part of it to add to his and Turmoil's dimension.
Fact 6 - Absinthe usually resides on Turmoil's head, making it look like they are a cyclops instead of 2 very distinct creatures. Because Turmoil was never able to distinguish between good and evil souls, Absinthe was born from the embodiment of the good souls Turmoil tortured to death. While not inherently good, Absinthe does serve Turmoil as a conscience to try and avoid the torture of innocent souls.

Hard Hudson by Retro-Death
Hard Hudson:
Fact 7 - Hard Hudson has a friend, a crow, who does not understand why Hudson would ride a bike when he can fly. Donnie M. is his name, Donnie actually build Hudson's bike though and taught him everything he knows about mechanics. They often drink beer together and watch curling championships on tv, they do not understand it.
Fact 8 - Hudson takes really good care of his feathers, he likes it when chicks stroke him and hang on him (he's a bit squat). He uses his own mix of cactus water, lavender oil and the secret ingredient is... well... a secret.


I will tag few people but feel free to ignore said tag or alter it for your own amusement.

temmybanana and her Toxic Zara
Louivi and her Touk
Paleona and her Squail
Know-Kname and his Purple Man.
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That's right, having recently been over charged by the government I have to do what I can to make some extra money, that even means doing something I never planned to do in the first place, opening up art commissions.

I will open up 3 slots for 'BIA' commissions.

These are artworks of simple characters that I have put a specific time limit on for their creation. There will be 2 options available:

BIA SIMPLE = 31€ (35 dollars)
A simple character of any type or form, be they humanoid or creatures with only minor Background detail:

BIA 1: Kaonashi (No Face) by Retro-Death BIA 10: Londo Mollari by Retro-Death

BIA EXTENDED = 35€ (40 dollars)
A simple character of any type or form, be they humanoid or creatures with a more elaborate and higher emphasis on Background:

BIA 6: Piranha Sprout by Retro-Death BIA 9: David de Kabouter by Retro-Death

Terms and conditions:

:bulletgreen: Paypal only!
:bulletgreen: Payment always in advance. I will do fan art and OCs as well, we can talk about some of the specifics but I only start once the full payment has been received, I can keep you up to date when the piece is in its early sketch phase but there will be no refunds.
:bulletgreen: Considering I am always working on several projects at the same time, please allow me up to 3 weeks to finish your commission.
:bulletgreen: I reserve the right to decline any commission without having to give a reason. I won't do anything sexual nor specific weird thing like fat fetishes. Just, normal stuff, as long as you keep it clean, we're most likely to be good. 
:bulletgreen: Leave a comment on this journal or note me directly if you're interested.

3 Slots available:
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StarsAndOceans finally started her Skies of Arcadia Bestiary project! She's looking for people to draw the standard enemies from the Skies of Arcadia video game. One of my all time favourite video games ever! :eager: If you know the game then you should check out the project and claim your own enemy to draw for the project. It's first come first serve and you get 2 months to complete your chosen enemy once it has been approved and put on the list. I've been waiting for this project for so long, it's gonna be fun! I can't wait to see what every one else will come up with.

Check out the journal here =>
Bestiary ProjectWhat is it about?
As the name implies, this project is about illustrating the various enemies that we run into while playing Skies of Arcadia. There are a lot of them! Thanks to Contraltissimo for suggesting this project.
So what do we draw?
Simply the enemy, with or without background. *DO NOT* turn it into a full battle scene with characters and all... if you want to do that however, you are free to recycle your drawing after submitting it!
You may take artistic freedom. Let's be realistic, this is a 15-year-old game, the enemy models aren't super high-res... so long as the enemy is still recognizable and you don't push the "freedom" too far, it's fine. In other words, don't feel like you have to stay true to whatever you can't see clearly/figure out about an enemy.
Claiming enemies
First come, first served based on your comment's date! Reply here with the enemy that you would like to draw.
Once the enemy is confirmed to be yours, you have two months to get the

It all takes place right here =>
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If there is something I want more than anything, it is to develop my own style, a unique finger print with which I can identify, a style that would instantly make people recognize that my art is mine, link it to my name out of a line up without my signature giving it away.

I think that 2016 might become a journey for me, I want to experiment a bit. I want to keep drawing what I am drawing now all the while trying out new things, new subjects and most of all new techniques, mess around with filters and textures and colours until I find something that I can claim my own.

In 2015 I became very happy with what I drew, the way I shaped things, but I want to push myself even further in 2016 and not just focus on what I create, but also how I create it. I want to escape thick outlines, straight forward flat colours, easy cell shading solutions. I don't want to abandon them, but I need to create a secondary playing field for myself.

To celebrate the start of this awesome new adventure I want to feature a couple of artists I admire so much for very specific reasons, a style I would recognize anywhere, techniques I can't believe exists and colours beyond my wildest dreams. These people are and will be my role models for this year because I too, want something to claim for my own, something to which people will say "F*ck man, I'd recognize his shit anywhere."


jasminjuu : I only recently discovered her and instantly fell in love with her unique children's books kinda style. These fantastic pieces reminiscent of those hand drawn adventures like Winnie the Pooh and such. The textures used in the backgrounds vary a lot but always give that same wonderful atmosphere thanks to her awesome and 'friendly' character design added to the mix. Jasmin creates fairy tales, she has such a unique style even though she rarely draws the same way twice, the similarities between certain pieces are there, subtle but enough to recognize it as her own work. Something that make you feel familiar with it but always leaves you wondering about what is to come next.

Winter by jasminjuu  Rannalla by jasminjuu  Under the Sea by jasminjuu  Where the Tracks Lead by jasminjuu


JNRedmon : I don't even remember how and when I met this guy, it's been a while. Now here we have a style I am almost dreaming of obtaining and even though I want nothing more but to start doing more and more surreal art, for now my mind is to focused and 'one tracked' to break free from my force of habit. It's one of my goals this year to try and create more surreal pieces here and there. But that's not all, JNRedmon's black and white creations are equal to none, his creature designs, landscapes and general shapes are equaled only by his insane traditional art. The fact that he works almost exclusively in black and white and traditionally is already surreal by itself. Mad art for a mad mind.

Brawl Between Dimensions by JNRedmon  Robot Masters Series 2 by JNRedmon  Yu Huang Shangdi - The Jade Emperor by JNRedmon


Louivi : Where do I even start here, I love this girl so much, I mention her almost more than anyone and with good cause. She has to be just about one of my all time favourite artists on dA. The way she plays with colours is rivaled by none and something I strife for and think about with every piece that I create myself. Add to that the random shapes and textures she blends into that perfect use of colours and you are simply left with dreams, dreams given form, the cutest most adorable forms there are. The atmosphere she puts in her work, I can't even begin to describe it. To put it as basic as possible, looking at Cavea's art makes me happy, it just makes me so f*cking happy.

Touk's Journey by Louivi  Oozie for Retro-Death by Louivi  HallowCat by Louivi  Animal Crossing: Renee by Louivi


temmybanana : My oldest and best friend here on dA, we go so far back close to when I made my own account even. There are not a lot of things that I love more than her. I have admired Temmy's style since day 1, since our art trade years ago. More than anything I love her shading style, she has such a unique shading style that whenever I try to recreate it just ends up looking like dirt, amateurish dirt, I just don't get it, it's crazy. Add to that one of the most unique character designs ever and you get yourself a lethal dose of 'teach me yo shit bro!" I love it how she gives her characters curves, odd shapes, imperfections, things other people prefer forgetting about which adding to her unique shading style, create incredible pieces I could stare at all day. The amount of work she puts in the dozens and dozens of comics she creates... I can't even begin to comprehend.

Two Beating Hearts #1 by temmybanana  So soft by temmybanana  One last time... by temmybanana  carmens team by temmybanana


Here is to an excellent 2016! Now go give these people your love!
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For anyone who cared about knowing my opinions and pick for game of the year for 2015 I just uploaded the new video about it!
Also, as a minor art update, I honestly think I might actually finish one of my art pieces I've been working on on and off this year, it's starting to look pretty promising!

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2014 was a shitty year for me art wise, I did almost nothing and some shit happened that just killed the drive for me. 2015 so far has been AWESOME!! 
I feel I made a great comeback with my art, increased productivity and more than anything I got the fun back that I had lost the year before.

While I was looking through my gallery I noticed I did even better than I expected, having missed only 1 or 2 months to create something but actually having a couple of months where I did several pieces, I feel I more than accomplished my art goals for this year. On top of that I actually achieved one of my life time art goals, which sounds maybe dumb and minimalistic to some but to me it meant the world, and that was my art collaboration with one of my favourite artists ever, Louivi!

I will make sure to finish at least one nice piece still this year and decided to fill in the 'Art per month' meme thing or whatever it's called because I feel like I deserved it. I hope this year was only a preview of what is to come in 2016 for me and my art!

Thank you all for your support and inspiration!
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Did this with most answers coming from the top of my head, it's not fun when you spend a week thinking about it.

1) Are you omnivore, vegetarian or vegan?
Omnivore, I eat all kinds of stuff and will try anything I never had before. I have a big preference for meat though.

2) Are you allergic to any food?
No, but I can't handle eggs/dairy 'n things like that very well.

3) What type of milk do you prefer?
None, but IF I use it for cereals or something once in a blue moon I prefer the standard half 'n half or whatever, no idea what it's called in English.

4) Tea or coffee?
Tea, always tea, I live by tea and die by tea. No day goes by where I don't drink at least 5 cups of tea.

5) Do you like spicy food?
No, I love Indian food for example but it can only be very little spiced up, I can't handle spicy food. Even the lowest of lowest spice grade burns my tongue already and kills my taste buds off thus ruining the taste of whatever I am eating.

6) Do you like sour food?
Not persee, I eat it yeah but it's my least favourite of all the groups.

7) What do you think of sweet and sour?
That I am somewhat okay with, the sad thing is that more often than not these dishes are WAY too sweet making me despise them.

8) List your top 5 fruit.
Passion Fruit
Granny Smith
(I'm gonna be a d*ck and add tomato here too, can't live without it so 6 it is)

9) Same thing, but with vegetables.

10) Describe your perfect salad:
Potatoes, Chinese cabbage, onion and a garlicky pumpkin seed oil dressing.
Lettuce, tomatoes, mozzarella, onion and cooked (and spiced) chicken with a garlicky pumpkin seed oil dressing.

11) What kind of condiment would you put on a hot dog (veggie or not)?
Mustard, ketchup, pickles, fried onion and sauerkraut.

12) This time, pizza toppings!
Chicken, paprika (bell pepper), onion, tomatoes and sour cream.
Salmon, potatoes, dill and any kind of creamy white sauce.

13) Top 5 of chips or crunchy snacks.
Pringles BBQ
Pringles Hot 'n Spicy
Lays Paprika chips
Duyvis' Tijger nootjes
Olives and garlic mix

14) What do you think of mayonnaise?
I use it even on my chocolate, seriously though, Mayo is a prime necessity in life.

15) Waffles or crêpes? 
Pancakes... but between those two... Waffles, I never liked crêpes that much.

16) Your top 5 breakfast cereals:

17) Could you eat eggs for breakfast?
Yeah why not? Preferably fried and not too many because I don't handle eggs that well.

18) Do you generally salt your food?
Dinner, yeah, always, but in a lot of cases this happens during cooking already.

19) Your top 5 sweets:
Anything from Ferrero
Dutch licorice
redband Stophoest

20) Tell us a dish you would like to try!
Haggis, it seems utterly disgusting but I MUST try it! The curiosity is killing me.

21) The name of a dish you tried for the first time recently:
I don't think I can name something brand new I never tried before in the recent past. Maybe if I go back several months there are some things, I try new things all the time and in a lot of cases don't really focus on what name the dish has or should have.

I would tag temmybanana but that privilege has already been stolen from me... YOU STOLE IT! :iconchandlerplz:

You owe me a moment. :iconhecklesplz:
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  • Eating: Sandwiches
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I just wanted to share with you all once more the fact that I have a Youtube channel as well. I talk about video games, metal, I do vlogs about my life and so much more. If you are interested by any of that or just want to get to know me better then go check it out! I'm pretty active with it, I do about 1 video a week and just reached 1000 subs!…
  • Listening to: Daylight Dies - The Pale Approach
  • Reading: Wheel of Time 5 - The Fires of Heaven
  • Watching: babylon 5 / The Walking dead / Dr. Who
  • Playing: Darksiders 1 / Layton and the Curious Village
  • Eating: Sandwiches
  • Drinking: Black Tea

How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Ever since ValaSedai forced me to join back in November, the 28th of 2010

What does your username mean?
Dying in Reverse, it's the combination of my love for old school video game and Metal music.

Describe yourself in three words.
Misanthrope, Gamer, Patient

Are you left or right handed?
I still have both... But I guess right. Or are you guessing wrong? ... I don't know. OTL

What was your first deviation?
Giant 'the Cycle of Knowledge' by Retro-Death
A simple photograph of a traditional oil painting I did years before.

What is your favourite type of art to create?
These questions are all so vague, I mean, within my own means? Within my own area of expertise? In that case I would say Digital fan art or original art hoping to add more levels to Digital surrealism but if you take everything into consideration I would say Surreal oil on canvas or maybe even sculpting.

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Once again, define 'art style' do you consider photography or sewing an 'art style' or are you referring to digital and traditional painting stuff or whatever? I would say sculpting but if you count like actual 'styles' I would say something I totally suck at but could still care for like landscapes, but again that's just a subject so as far as styles go maybe abstract.

What was your first favourite?
Okay, I don't mean to be a douche here but do you mean the first deviation someone favourited from me, which is most likely the same is my first upload ever, or the first I favourited from someone else?

This is the first I ever favourited myself:
WHALE by lora-zombie
Whale by lora-zombie

My love for oil on canvas, whales, surrealism and pastel like colours just all collided when i saw this and I still love it just as much today as i did back then.

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Digital Fan Art

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I'm going to assume this question is meant art wise in which case I don't even need to think twice.
Her use of colours, textures and the ability to draw such cute things and her never ending imagination and joy are an inspiration to say the least.

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
A few people come to mind but I will keep it short. I'm going to mention Louivi once again here because besides being my favourite artist I have gotten pretty close to her and consider her a really good friend. Besides, I still owe her a hug.
Then we have Know-Kname, this dude is another good friend, a bro, I love this guy, I admire his art style and always figured if I would've known him in real life we'd be pretty damn good friends, drinking dew and gaming all day long.

And I saved best for last, this girl has been with me for years and years by now. This one deserves her own paragraph, my best friend, the one I tell everything to, the one who is there for me, the one who I want to be there for, the wonderful, amazing, beautiful temmybanana! Years and years ago we did an art trade once in a pokémon RP group.
Tom versus Tamara by Retro-Death
Ever since then we never stopped talking, skype sessions that last for hours day after day, private chat rooms, pm, I would have died of so many different ailments ranging from heart break to solitude and so much more if it weren't for her and I honestly mean that. She's my sister, my soul mate and so much more I can't even describe. I want to meet her, hug her, game with her, watch some friends, eat weird shit, touch plants and a million other things.

:icontemmybanana: GO LOVE HER NAO! :iconpunch1plz::iconpunch2plz:

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Well I could just type all of that last part over again but just read it again and then I have another story here ready for you when you come back.


It's not life defining nor super meaningful perhaps and it's kinda out there but it matters to me. I feel that Paleona has taught me a great deal about people. She most likely doesn't even know that I feel any of this but here we go... There are some people online who are so big, so famous that they don't give a shit about comments, likes, subscribers, they don't interact with people so you just become very blasé for that kind of thing and it almost becomes a norm to be ignored, knowing that there is this wall between you and those you look up to, those who are just that much bigger. You imagine some people are so much above everything with their abilities, their talent and such that they don't need to interact with the lowly subjects that worship them.

I always saw Paleona like that, this huge digital artist who was so talented and who back in the day didn't reply to a lot of comments, very rarely only, at least to my knowledge. She's among the first people I watched and admired, she was and still is magnificent. I favourited her work and always left comments here and there. One day she was giving away some pokémon she had and asked if anybody wanted any from a list with a double dozen pokémon names on it. I asked for 3 of those. We connected and traded and talked. This moment seriously altered my perception on celebrities, and I know she isn't exactly a "celebrity" but she was to me, she showed me that no matter who or what or where, interactions and friendships are always possible no matter how much you look up to someone because of their talent and status. Thanks to this moment I never hesitated to try and get into contact with famous people, artists, bands and others. She opened up a whole new realm of possibilities to me. We became friends, at least I like to think so, and ever since then had a lot of fun with Animal Crossing among other things. You know, I'd add her to my list of people I'd like to meet. I love you Pale, you have no idea what you did for me. Well... I guess now you do, tags'n shit.

Now excuse me while I go become best buds with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What are your preferred tools to create art?
Oil on Canvas, the touch, the smell, there is nothing like it. NEXT!

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
I don't need my place to be inspirational, I need it to be calm and comfy so no matter where I live or who I am, I need this place to be home. The calm is in no way inspirational to me, it just makes me comfortable, I do not get inspired from where I make my art but take my inspirations with me to the place where I do create art.

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Meeting temmybanana, Do I even need to mention this?

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The magnificent ValaSedai has opened up her Pixel Icon Commissions again! They move, they dance and they're shiny!

If you have been thinking of changing your avatar or need some extra fancy pixel icons for your journals etc... then this is your chance, go have a look! Go check out her journal! 

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It would mean a great deal to me if anyone would help us sign the petitionwhere we are trying to get Bandai Namco to notice that the fans want a sequel to Baten Kaitos. The petition can be found here =>…

I also made a video describing in depth why I want this to happen and why it should, I hope it could also get around by people who would share it, the more attention this whole project gets, the better =>

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